Human Resources Development

Dartingo Consulting Engineers is a young, developing civil engineering consultancy that is owned and managed by Previously Disadvantaged Individuals. This firm is totally committed to capacity building and succession planning. We firmly believe that further education and training with a strong emphasis on development of the individual is their foundation to success. To this end, Dartingo Consulting Engineers has employed in-service students to provide experiential training with a view to capacity building and succession planning. We have also provided a bursary to an indigent student in Jozini with a view to full time employment. We shall also be providing financial assistance to our in-service trainees once they return to the studies.

We believe that affirmative action and capacity building is a commitment to develop individuals to be able to make a difference in the built environment. To this end Dartingo Consulting Engineers have joined forces with a young BEE company with a view to mentoring and capacitating individuals in this organisation to eventually join the helm of the company.

Our policy is primarily based on the development on the individual to succeed in our quest for merit based succession planning.

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